1. Thank you for such an informative article. We (myself, husband, 4 year old and 2 year old sons) are planning a trip to Beijing in May. I am trying to preplan as much as possible so when we are in China I can fully concentrate on stopping tantrums before they start, an impossible task. 😉 Can you share any more information on how much Mister Dong charges? Also is there a way to get in touch with him if we do not have WeChat? I would also welcome any other advice or articles you might share about getting around town with young children. I fully understand how hectic a life with a 4 year old, if you only have time to answer the first question.

  2. Hi Emily!! Thanks for your lovely feedback! This is Tom’s information. He charged us RMB 600. He picked us up early and was super helpful. It was truly not a waste of money! And the fact that his English is great is such an advantage.

    WeChat: Tom105780102
    Phone number: 13488698386
    Email address: tomku007@aliyun.com or tom@Beijingbrother.com

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