Haidian Foreign Language Academy

Adhering to an open and inclusive pedagogy, and utilizing the best aspects of both ancient and modern Chinese and foreign education, Haidian Foreign Language Academy provides education for students from 3 to 18 years old. Our school provides a diverse curriculum through offering a cross-continental learning program for studying, communicating in English, and learning about other cultures.

Within China, Haidian Foreign Language Academy has established several school branches, in the cities of Beijing, Wuhan , Hainan. As a new branch school, Jingbei Campus, located in Yanqing District, is going to admit new students in 2019. Each school site contains a Foreign Language Shi Yan School, an International School, and a kindergarten school. Internationally, Haidian Foreign Language Academy has established several school branches in the United States, in the states of New Jersey, Michigan, and North Carolina, as well as having established language practice cites in Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, and within the USA.

Haidian Foreign Language Academy highly values Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, our school incorporates the best parts of other cultures to create a multilingual and multicultural awareness. Our aim is to cultivate students into becoming global leaders who have international perspectives and knowledge as well as a solid foundation of Chinese traditional culture. Haidian Foreign Language Academy has always been a pioneer in international education.

Address: No. 20, Xingshikou Road, Haidian District
Contact: 8846 7301, xiaozhang@bjfles.com
Web: http://www.bjfles.com

Founding date: 1999
School type: International boarding school
School hours: 8am-4.35pm
Ministry of Education accredited? Yes
Curriculum description: Comprehensive Development Class, Fine Arts and Sports Class, USA Carden Class, Multilingual Education Class, International Class and International Elite Hybrid Sports Class.

Age range: 2-18
Grades offered: K-12
Number of students: Over 5,000
Foreign passport holder accepted? Yes
Local Chinese students accepted? Yes
Nationality of students: China, US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Japan
Class size (average): 28-40
Teacher-student ratio: 1:5

Tuition and other fees (2018-2019 academic year):
• Tuition (yearly): RMB 64,000-278,000 (studying abroad costs extra)
• Others: Meals, accommodation, book and materials, uniform, and dorm supplies

Primary teaching language(s): English and Chinese
Other elective language(s): Japanese, German, French
After-school activities: Elementary school 2+2 project: Students will master two athletic skills and two artistic skills at the elementary school level. Piano and swimming are required courses (students can play piano and learn more than three swimming strokes and reach a higher level after graduating from elementary school). Junior high school 2+1 project: Students will master two athletic skills and one artistic skill at the junior high school level. There are more than one hundred extracurricular club activities available for students to choose from freely, including chorus, wind band, swimming, football, gymnastics, tennis, golf equestrianism, gymnastics, basketball, rock-climbing, football, table tennis, badminton, dance, calligraphy, painting, polymer clay, astronomy, science and technology, photography, and cooking etc.
Scholarships offered? Yes
Extra help offered? Yes, personalized counseling available

Total area (in sqm): 260,000
Facilities: Each classroom is equipped with multimedia teaching equipment. The school also has an observatory, photography, recording, art, dance, pottery, tea art studio, robot lab, gym, music rooms, culinary classroom, calligraphy room etc,. Both the outdoor and indoor stadiums were built according to international professional standards, including: 400 meter field, artificial turf football field, volleyball court, baseball fields, golf driving ranges, and outdoor rock climbing wall. Also included are 16 basketball courts, 5 tennis courts, and many table tennis and badminton courts. The school also has large indoor gymnasium, including a basketball arena, a swimming pool, a taekwondo area, and a gymnastics training area. Also it has one of the most advanced fencing centers, built inside a large inflatable building.
Lunch: Organic, Chinese, western, and vegetarian options with a focus on health, hygiene, and nutrition
Boarding program? Yes
Nurse available? Yes

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