The beijingkids Student Correspondent Program (SCP) is designed to provide an internship opportunity for students of various schools to practice journalistic writing, see their work published in beijingkids magazine and website, while experiencing the value of contributing to community and society as a whole. This program is essential for those students who wish to pursue a college degree in journalism.

Selected student writers will write two articles (300 words or 600 word) to be posted on the beijingkids website, while the best article from the batch will be published in the magazine (either in From the Blog or a new section for SCP).

The general direction of the topics must be interesting, positive, and constructive to the healthy development of young peopleand communities in Beijing. Topics that can be covered are, but not limited to: academics, animal welfare, the arts, contests, environmental awareness, food and dining, health and wellness, real life challenges, science, sports, solutions, travel, among others.

For more details about SCP, please visit our FAQs page or email us at

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