1. The ID input only has a selection for foreign ID, not passport. Then the city of the ID (Input 4) only has Chinese cities. So a Canadian passport issued in Toronto has no place for input. Are they asking for the visa number, because my visa is issued in Beijing?

    • For foreigners, the proof of identity refers to 3 different docs:
      -The passport or other travel documents held at the time of entry
      -The residence permit with a residence (stay) period of six months or more
      -The registration certificate of accommodation issued by the public security department
      You can try any of it to apply.

  2. Ok, and now what about people who did not realize they WOULD NOT BE ABLE to register their bike after April 30th ? I read everywhere you needed a license after May1st, but nowhere that you could not get one anymore…
    As many other people, I don’t ride when it is cold, so I waited, and now there seems to be no way of registering my bike. And what about newly bought bikes, second had ones, etc. that do not have a licence ?
    Any new tips ? Another article on how to do ?

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