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Dear Client,
Thank you for choosing beijing kids as your preferred media platform. This form is used to submit provided content which will be edited to fit within the True Run Media’s house style, grammar, and tone. Regrettably, content that has already been published somewhere else online will not be published on beijing kids website because duplicate content is penalized by search engines, and this will affect both our search engine ranking negatively. We are here to ensure the reverse happens.

Fill each section carefully according to the instructions given.


感谢您选择beijing kids作为您的首选媒体推广平台。为了使推广内容更契合True Run Media的语言和设计风格,请根据以下要点提供推广素材,我们将做相关编辑后推送。另外,因相同内容的重复推送对双方媒体平台的信息检索会造成不利影响,故已经发布过的推广内容将不支持在True Run Media的媒体平台再次推送,敬请理解。

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