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  2. Chen, so if i dont have china’s simcard, china’s address, and china’s bank account, it means i can’t set up alipay? China entry date means visa right? How about if the entry date has been passed? Is it valid?

    • If you live outside of China and are wanting to use it for import/export or the one-off purchase, you probably should contact Alipay on their global page (typically the site redirects there if accessed from a non-Chinese IP address). Chen isn’t an expert in non-resident Alipay users and so can’t help.

  3. So, I can select Canada when I am on the register by phone page (but living in China I have a chinese mobile number. But then when I hit the link to register by e-mail, I cannot change my location from Mainland China, and I never the option to use my passport as the ID. Do you know a workaround for that?

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