1. Nick Baxter on

    “Always watch what is happening in front of you – don’t worry about what is happening behind you (be aware and alert)”

    Very useful advice that contradicts the entirety of the rest of the article.

    It’s also incorrect in any ski resort in the world. When starting off from stationary, crossing a piste etc, you need to be aware of what is above you as you don’t have right of way.

  2. More details have emerged about the two accidents. According to one news report, the father of the 10-year-old boy said that if the resort had proper trail fencing, his son would still be alive today.

    The father said that his son was found off the trail on a rocky 10-meter dropoff just behind protective netting that lines both sides of the slopes. He claims that there are up to 1-meter gaps in the fencing in that area and that it appears his son had slipped through the fence and fallen down the rocky embankment on the other side, pictured here.

    The father also criticized the resort for not having security cameras on the slope, as now no one can say for sure how the accident happened.

    Meanwhile, the accident at Wanlong that resulted in the death of a graudate student happened on the resort’s Tenglong Trail, an advanced slope featuring slalom flags. Reports say the woman was an experienced skiier who had competed for her university in the past, and was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

    Witnesses say that the skiier failed to make a proper turn at the conclusion of the slalom course and careened into a bank of trees.

    Some reports said the slalom trail was closed and had been for some time, though a check on Wanlong’s website this morning indicated the trail was in fact open.

    One safety officer at the resort, surnamed Guan, said it the Tenglong trail has a 30-degree slope and skiiers can reach up to 80kph coming off the slopes.

    Guan said the skiier was attempting to cross over from one trail to another by traversing an area with trees and crashed into a grove of them. There is no protective netting around the trees in that area because skiiers like to go ski through the area, he said.

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