1. China has become a real isolation cell for me as an expat wife because I found out that a circle of what I thought were good friends back home, has begun to joke behind my back. My other half reassured me that things would be fine on his appointment to China, but this really caught me by surprise.
    There is actually little that interests me here and besides a couple, lol the other expat wives I meet here, seem so shallow. Now this has been blocked, I have even less to do and as it is just about all the other sites that I had back home, are blocked. Can’t wait for the day to come when I can get out.

    • Hey Ggirl. I’m sorry to hear adjustment has been so rough. I hear you – I remember coming to Beijing and feeling so fed up with cultural pet peeves and pollution. I felt so depressed for a time. But now I’ve been here for 4 years, and I’ve come into contact with so many different types of people. My guess is that probably you should pursue here in China what you were passionate about back in your home country. For example, if that was knitting… I know a knitters club, if that was volunteering or exercising or singing, opportunities with these things abound, too. If you get involved in these passions, you’ll find other people who are passionate about this, too, finding a community of people here you connect with. You’re welcome to reach out to me personally via email at vanessajencks at truerun dot com.

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