Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) 北京青苗国际双语学校

Founded in 1998 and growing to over 20 campuses throughout China, Beanstalk International Kindergartens and Beanstalk International Bilingual Schools (K-12) seamlessly integrate Chinese and Western educational philosophies and best practices. As one of the leading Chinese pioneers in K-12 international bilingual education, Beanstalk Education Group encourages students to develop as bilingual, multi-cultural, and globally-minded citizens. With campuses in Beijing, Kunming, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xi’an, and Hainan, Beanstalk Education Group is helping tens of thousands of students from China and around the world.

WeChat: BIBSChina (K-12), BIK青苗国际幼儿园 (BIK)
Address and contact:
BIBS Upper East Side 阳光上东校区 (K-5): No. 6 North East 4th Ring Rd, Chaoyang District. (5130 7951,
BIBS Shunyi Campus 顺义校区 (K-12): No. 15 Liyuan Jie, Tianzhu County, Shunyi District. (6456 0618,
BIBS Dongrun Campus 东润校区 (K-5): No. 38, Nan Shiliju, Chaoyang District. (8456 6019,
BIK Solana Campus 青苗国际幼儿园蓝港园: Bldg. 16, No.6 Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区朝阳公园路6号院16号楼. (5905 6700,
BIK Shunyi Campus 青苗国际幼儿园顺义园: 101, No. 21, Liyuan Street, Chaoyang District. 北京市顺义区天竺丽苑街21-101号. (6456 5931,
BIK Wanda Campus 青苗国际幼儿园万达园: Bldg. 7, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区建国路93号万达广场7号楼. (5960 3887/5960 3997,
BIK Wanghu Campus 青苗国际幼儿园望湖园: 51 North Wangjing Road (next to Park Service), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区望京北路51号 (望湖公园管理处旁). (6478 4166,
BIK Yangshan Campus 青苗国际幼儿园仰山园: Bldg. 7, East Gate A, Yangshan Park, 30 Anli Road, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区安立路30号仰山公园东1门7号楼. (6430 4594, 6430 4493,
BIK Joy Park Campus 青苗国际幼儿园昌平园: 16 Shuiku Road, Beijing Joy Park, Changping District. 昌平区水库路16号院北京怡园. (8973 9200,
Changqingteng Campus 青苗幼儿园常青藤园: 4 Nanyijie, Dongba, Chaoyang, District. 北京市朝阳区东坝南一街4号. (8537 9659,

Founding date: 1998 (Beanstalk International Kindergarten), 2003 (BIBS Elementary School), 2009 (BIBS Middle and High School)
School type: K-12, International bilingual school
School hours: 8am-5pm (Kindergartens), 8.30am-4pm (UES Campus), 8.15am-3.40pm (Shunyi Campus), 8.20am-3.45pm (Dongrun Campus)
Ministry of Education accredited? Yes
Curriculum description: BIBS Upper East Campus (K-5) offers certified IB PYP and WASC programs. BIBS Shunyi Campus (K-12) offers certified IB MYP and DP programs and is also an IB PYP candidate school. BIBS Dongrun Campus (K-5) provides customized education based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the Chinese National Curriculum, both delivered with inquiry-based teaching methodologies

Age range: 2-18
Grades offered: K-12
Number of students: Over 3,000
Foreign passport holder accepted? Yes
Local Chinese students accepted? Yes
Nationality of students: Over 35 nationalities including China, US, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and Spain
Class size (maximum): 22
Teacher-student ratio: 1:5

Tuition and other fees (2018-2019 academic year):
• Primary Schools (BIBS UES and Shunyi Campuses): RMB 208,000
• MSHS Shunyi Campus: RMB 234,000
• Dongrun Campus: Pre-K: RMB 108,000; Grade 1-5: RMB 138,000
• BK Changqingteng Campus: RMB 20,400 (full day)
• BIK Solana Campus: RMB 150,000 (full day)
• BIK Shunyi Campus: RMB 150,000 (full day)
• BIK Wanda CBD Campus: RMB 60,000
• BIK Wanghu Campus: RMB 100,000 (full day)
• BIK Yangshan Campus: RMB 100,000 (full day)
• BIK Joy Park Campus: RMB 100,000 (full day for international classes); RMB 30,000 (full day for regular classes)
• Transportation fee (optional): RMB 10,000 per year (UES and Dongrun Campuses), RMB 12,000 per year (Shunyi Campus)
• Application Fee: RMB 1,600 (BIK and BIBS K-12)
• Uniforms: RMB 2,500 per set (K-12)

Primary teaching language(s): English, Chinese
Other elective language(s): Chinese, Spanish, and French
After-school activities: Activities vary depending on campus and grade level, but likely to include ballet, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, soccer, dance, drama, music, Model UN and more.
Scholarships offered? No
Extra help offered? No

Total area (in sqm): Varies from campus to campus
Facilities: The BIBS Upper East Side (UES) Campus and Dongrun Campus are conveniently located close to Chaoyang Park and the Embassy district. The UES Campus features a soccer field and athletic track, a gymnasium, basketball courts, auditorium, library, music rooms, dance studio, Chinese Culture Room, specialist classrooms and learning support spaces. The Shunyi Campus is a full K-12 school which features large, bright classrooms with colorful graphics, vertical whiteboards, pin boards and digital projectors. It also has an indoor swimming pool, a rooftop basketball court, soundproofed music practice rooms, a video suite, science and technology laboratories, two libraries, indoor and outdoor sports and play areas (including tennis courts), a dance and drama studio and a cafeteria.
Lunch: Nutritionist-approved menu includes vegetarian, Chinese and Western options
Lunch fee: RMB 800-1,000 per month (BIK Campuses); RMB 500 per month (Changqingteng Campus and BIBS Chengdu Campus); RMB 600 per month (BIBS Kunming Campus); For UES, Shunyi, and Dongrun Campuses, lunch fees are included in tuition
Boarding program? Available at BIBS Shunyi Campus for Grade 6-12 students on a need basis
Nurse/doctor available? Yes, qualified full-time nurse on each campus

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