Huijia Kids 汇佳幼儿园

Huijia Kids is the starting point of the 20-year complete education of Huijia Educational Organization. So far, Huijia Kids has become an early childhood educational entity with over 40 Huijia Kids’ campuses, a research center, a training center, a community education center, and a resource supply center. Huijia Kids strives to provide a multicultural and bilingual education for local and international children.

Address: No. 20 Chuangxin Road, Changping District. 北京市昌平区创新路20号
Contact: 400 889 1993,

Founding date: 1999
School type: International kindergarten
School hours: 7.30am-5pm; 8am-5pm
Ministry of Education accredited? No
Curriculum description: PYP Exploring Education Daily Cultivation Characteristics Education

Age range: 2.5-6
Grades offered: K1-K4
Number of students: 10,000
Foreign passport holder accepted? Yes
Local Chinese students accepted? Yes
Nationality of students: China, UK, US, Singapore, South Korea
Class size (average): 15-25
Teacher-student ratio: 1:4 or 1:5

Tuition and other fees:
• RMB 41,500-110,000

Primary teaching language(s): Chinese and English
Other elective language(s): N/A
After-school activities: Ballet, basketball, swimming, piano, roller skating, Go game, taekwondo, and more
Scholarships offered? No
Extra help offered? No

Total area (in sqm): N/A
Facilities: SmartBoards, outdoor playgrounds, dedicated art rooms, library, dance room, and more
Lunch: Chinese and Western food
Lunch fee: RMB 450 per month
Boarding program? No
Nurse/doctor available? Yes

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