1. “But in the end, we elected to go through it for what we believe will be the long-term health benefits – particularly the lowered risk of many forms of infection as he grows older.”

    Stupid. What other body part or tissue do we treat like this? Any part or tissue of the human body can become infected. In fact, the uncircumcised female genitalia are more prone to infection than the uncircumcised male genitalia. Do you not realize this?

    And yet we do not cut off other normal, living, healthy body parts or tissues as a preventative measure against infections, or even *research* the health benefits of doing so. So why a different standard for curiously specific male genital tissue only? “It will prevent infections” is inconsistent with the general rule of respected afforded the human body in its naturally-occurring state and is just one of many attempts to justify genital cutting culture.

    • From my experience, I have only known men to have their foreskin rip during intercourse (not females – though circumcised women experience discomfort during intercourse). Both a family member and a college peer ripped their foreskin and had to get emergency surgery as grown men.

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