Blank Canvas: Students from Bethel China fill December’s Blank Canvas

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Jake, 5, China
I want to grow a beard like Santa.


Faith, 3, China
I love playing in the snow and making snowmen.

Robbie, 5, China
I like sticking my tongue out and tasting snowflakes.

Joel, 5, China
I am so proud of my star. I’ll put it on top of our Christmas tree.

Caleb, 6, China
I love making crafts and using fluffy and sticky things.

Quinn, 7, China
Green is my favorite color and I love having paint on my hands.

Petra, 5, China
I like looking at shiny things.

May, 5, China
I love snow angels. I can’t wait until it starts snowing in

Helen, 4, China
I want to put a lot of colors on my tree.

Christopher, 5, China
I can’t wait until Santa’s reindeer brings me presents for Christmas.

Photos: courtesy of Bethel China

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