1. the addresses for Beijing begin with this 北京 and Chaoyang District are 市朝阳 but that’s as far as my Mandarin skills go.

  2. here is the address for the CapitaRetail Mall Tai Yang Guang location discussed here 北京太阳宫凯德店 北京市朝阳区太阳宫中路12号凯德MALL3层 010-84150776 I just called. They are open 10am to 10pm 7 days a week.

  3. Hello Moms

    I’m new to Beijing with my family aswell. My little 4 year old is super bored at home and I have not found even one suitable play areas that does not bust my budget so her fun days have been limited to once or Mac twice a month and that’s not cool for a little girl. Thank you so much for this post. Can someone advise me as to the Subway directions to the Mall where Molly’s Fantasy is?? Which Exit and how to get there I would highly appreciate it. My daughter will be the happiest girl when I take her there.

    Just a Mom

    • Hey Yshrene! I’ll ask Jackie to respond directly. There could be a play center or park closer to you (and parks are free!). I’ll send you an email soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Liora!
    Thank you for sharing so much valuable information! Will try to include those types of details next time! 😀

    Hi Yshrene!
    Capital Mall is by Taiyanggong Station’s Exit C. It is on Line #10. 🙂
    I agree that Beijing can get quite pricy! I’m really glad you found this helpful! ^^

  5. Thanks a lot for this recommendation! As a stay-at-home dad my husband is not into mommy groups and especially on very hot, very bad air or cold winter days, my guys are easily bored. There should be another one in Auchan (beside Aika and Decathlon at Laiguangying) according to their website, also not far for the Wangjing based crowd, will check that place out soon!

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