1. I feel you. The separation is not easy, and I too have felt like a single mother in the months I’ve spent apart from my (Chinese) husband.

    Our son is also two years old, and there are certain activities that I haven’t been able to engage him in over the last three months first due to my pregnancy, and now because I have a newborn. So, every now and then he’ll point to his soccer ball, frisbee, or tricycle and yell “Baba!” because every time he asked me to play with him, I’d tell him daddy would play with him later. I’m lucky because my family has been very involved in his care, but every now and then I’m left alone with my two kids and I can see how hard he tries to accommodate me. Suddenly, he’s a big boy who can pull down his own diaper, change his own clothes, or bring me something for his baby sister.

    Hang in there! Wish you the best 🙂

  2. Have you considered moving to Germany with your husband?You could take advantage of Freedom of Movement rules and be together as a family.

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