Muffy’s International Kindergarten (MIK) 博识梦飞幼儿园

Muffy’s International Kindergarten’s story began in 2004 as “Muffy’s Education,” a small English immersion school in Beijing. Muffy’s founder envisioned a school that felt like a family, one that provided quality education grounded in care for children and respect for parents. 14 years later, Muffy’s has grown to include over 700 students and we still feel like family. Using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory as the backbone of their curriculum, their education philosophy has evolved to emphasize social, cognitive, and character development alongside the goal of language acquisition and proficiency.

Address (Xiangshang Campus): A 38 Xiangshan Qingqin Villa, Sijiqing Zhen, Haidian District. 海淀区四季青镇香山清琴山庄甲38号.
WeChat: Muffys
Contact: 400 663 3282

Founding date: 2004
School type: International school
School hours: 8am-5pm
Ministry of Education accredited? Yes
Curriculum description: Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory

Age range: 2-6
Grades offered: Nursery, pre-school, and kindergarten
Number of students: 700
Foreign passport holder accepted? Yes
Local Chinese students accepted? Yes
Nationality of students: China, US, Canada, Korea, and UK
Class size (average): 18-22
Teacher-student ratio: 1:5

Tuition and other fees:
• Wangjing campus: RMB 78,000 per term
Wanliu campus, and Xiangshan campus: RMB 145,000 per year/RMB 78,000 per term/RMB13,500 per month
• Non-recurring charge: RMB 2,800 (including uniform, school bag).
• Lunch fee:
Wangjing campus: RMB 900 per month
Wanliu campus and Xiangshan campus: RMB 800 per month

Primary teaching language(s): Chinese and English
Other elective language(s): N/A
After-school activities: Tennis, baseball, science, Chinese, dance, art, taekwondo, artistic gymnastics, little host, Ruantao, and so on. *Different activities on different campuses
Scholarships offered? No
Extra help offered? No

Total area (in sqm): 3,000 (Wangjing), 2,800 (Wanliu), 1,500 (Xiangshan)
Facilities: Classrooms, indoor gym, library, music room, art room, media room, and large outdoor playground facility.
Lunch: Chinese and Western food
Lunch fee: RMB 10,800 (Wangjing campus). RMB 9,600 (other campuses).
Boarding program? No
Nurse/doctor available? Yes

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