1. Frustrated skater on

    Burning Ice lies just south of the North Third Ring Road and east of Badaling Expressway. Take line 10 to Jiandemen Station, use exit C and walk south for about 200m….
    I’ve walked 4 hours to find this place.
    You sure it’s there??
    Could you give some more exact information?
    Maybe a phone number or website from this park??

    • Here’s the Chinese address and phone number. Hope this helps. 北京市西城区北三环中路甲29号院2号楼 华尊大厦一层底商 燃烧冰滑板公园 杨洪星 131 2660 6434.


    Had the same issue, FRUSTRATED. So, thanks for the address, KIPP. I found it eventually.
    I’m based in Shijinshan – been in BJ a month (so not too good with bing character searches). Does anyone know of any indoor parks, or outdoor in better maintenance than Shijingshan in West BJ? I’ve finally picked up on the expats in the East trend, and I’d really like to find things that are closer.

  3. Chaoyang skater on

    Hello. It’s a very nice article but not too informative. As the people before me noticed, no exact address and given the title All About the Skateboard Scene in Beijing” I would certainly expect more. I am new to Beijing and would like to get to know the skating scene, skate parks and skates spots and so on. so if anyone reading this can give some further info that would be highly appreciated 🙂

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